Revealbot Auto-Boosting for Facebook posts is a tool helping you maximize reach and engagement of best performing Facebook page posts. Revealbot tracks organic performance of regular Facebook posts and, once a post meets your custom conditions for auto-promotion, it creates an ad set based on the post.

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Auto-Boosting gives you the full power of Facebook Ads (vs limited capabilities of the native Boost tool): you can benefit from all the capabilities of a full-fledged ad campaign, including configurable objectives, optimization events, and a full range of targeting options.

With Revealbot, you can create as many auto-boosting rules as you like.

Each auto-boosting rule will create a brand new ad campaign in your Facebook account and store all boosted posts as new ad sets in the rule’s ad campaign.

In your Revealbot account:
Post Boosting — automatic post-boosting rules, i.e. rules affecting Facebook page posts and creating ad sets for promoting them.
Automation — regular automated rules that you're used to with Revealbot, i.e. rules affecting ad campaigns, ad sets and ads which you have created in Ad Manager / Power Editor.

Step 1 — Define conditions for auto-boosting

Select types of posts to boost; they can be published or scheduled. 

Set how many promoted posts you want to run simultaneously. If at any given time more posts qualify to be auto-boosted than the number you set here, Revealbot will prioritize posts with the latest publish date.

Choose one or more metrics to use as conditions for auto-boosting:

  • Post reach: total, paid or organic

  • Post reach by people who like your Page

  • Post viral reach — the number of people who saw your Page post in a story from a friend, unique

  • Post impressions: total, paid or organic

  • Post viral impressions — the number of impressions of your Page post in a story generated by a friend, total

  • Post total clicks — clicks anywhere in your post, total

  • Post consumers — same as Post clicks but unique

  • Engaged users — the number of unique people who engaged in certain ways with your Page post, for example by commenting on, liking, sharing, or clicking upon particular elements of the post; unique

  • Negative feedback — the number of people who hid the post, unliked your page, or reported the post as spam

  • Reactions — reactions of a post (the expanded ‘likes’)

  • Shares — total shares of a post

  • Comments — total count of comments on a post

  • Total video views — total number of times your video was viewed for more than 3 seconds

  • Unique video views — number of unique people who viewed your video for more than 3 seconds

  • Total 10-second views — total number of times your video was viewed for 10 seconds or viewed to the end, whichever came first

  • Unique 10-second views — number of unique people who viewed your video for 10 seconds or to the end, whichever came first

  • Published hours ago

With at least one condition selected, the Filters match section will give you a preview of posts currently qualifying for auto-boosting.

Step 2 — Ad campaign objective and more settings

Each new boosted post will be stored as a new ad set within one ad campaign, which you can create a title for here.

Select an objective for the boosted posts ad campaign:

Step 3 — Ad set settings: budget, targeting, and optimization goal

Assign a total or daily budget for each boosted post and determine how long you want it promoted for.

The promotion will end once the total budget is fully spent (if it’s set) or once the boosting period ends, whichever comes first.

To set targeting for the boosted post, you can select one of your Saved Audiences or create a new one: the ‘New audience’ button will open Facebook Audiences in a new tab:

Once you’re done setting up a new saved audience in Facebook, go back to the tab with Revealbot Auto-Boosting and reopen the Audience dropdown menu to load the newly saved audience.

Select an optimization goal just as you would creating a regular ad: Brand awareness, Impression, Link clicks, Page engagement, Page likes, Post engagement, Daily unique reach, or Video views (works only when campaign objective is Video Views as well).

Select a billing event: Impressions, Link Click (CPC), Page like, Post engagement, or 10-Second Video View (that last one only works with the Video Views campaign objective and optimization goal).

Step 4 — Rule notifications

You can set up automatic email or Slack notifications to let you know as soon as a post is auto-boosted.

Don't see Post-Boosting in your Revealbot account?

This is beta launch, and we're planning to release it to all our users in the coming weeks.
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