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Time presets descriptions
Time presets descriptions

Make sure to check this out if you're not sure how timeframes work

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Today - this one is really straightforward. Today means the period from 12:00 AM today to the current moment.

Yesterday is a full day before today.

Today and Yesterday. As you may guess it combines the two presets above. 

Last x days - this type of time preset doesn't include today and covers x full days before today. For example if it's March 15th now, the Last 3 days would be March 12th, 13th and 14th. 

Last x days (Including today) works a little bit differently. It takes into account the current day and (x-1) days before today. If it's March 15th now, the Last 3 days (Including today) is a period from March 13th to the current moment.

This week (Mon to Today) and This week (Sun to Today) time presets contain the description right there in the brackets. So it's either the period from Monday 12:00 AM to the current moment or the period from Sunday 12:00 AM to the current moment.

Last week (Mon to Sun) and Last week (Sun to Sat) are pretty self-explanatory too.
At any moment of a current week (Mon to Sun) the Last week (Mon to Sun) time preset would account for a full 7 days from Monday to Sunday last week.

This Month is a time interval from the first day of the month till the current moment.

Last Month. At any moment of a current month the Last Month would be a period from the first to the last day of the last month. So at any point in March, the Last Month timeframe would cover February.

Current hour is an interval between the beginning of the current hour and the current moment. If it's 5:42 PM, the current hour is last 42 minutes.

Last x hours time preset includes the current hour and (x-1) previous hours. So if it's 5:42 PM now, Last 3 hours preset would account for the time interval between 3:00 PM and 5:42 PM. 

Previous hour is a full hour before the current one. At 5:42 PM the Previous hour stands for 4:00-5:00 PM time interval.

Hour before previous hour. Going with the same example, at 5:42 PM this timeframe would account for the 3:00-4:00 PM time interval.

And the last but not least, the custom timeframes. We made a video on it, check it out below.

If anything seems unclear feel free to email us at or just hit us up on the intercom.

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