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What is Post ID and how can I export it?
What is Post ID and how can I export it?

Facebook Post ID is a unique number generated for every new post.

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Post ID

When you create a new ad in Ads Manager, Facebook generates a new page post. This post has a unique reference number – post ID.

If you duplicate an ad, Facebook will create a new post again. Even if these posts are identical – same visual, link, copy, etc. While it is technically a new post, it will not have any comments, likes, and shares, that the original one had.

To keep all engagement – so called social proof – you can link your new ad to the same post. This means that instead of creating a new duplicate post, your ad will lead to the existing post.

In Revealbot you can use Post ID Export tool.

Post ID Export is a tool that downloads a .csv file with post IDs for selected ads, ad sets, or campaigns.

You can find Facebook post ID in Ads Manager but you can get just one ID at a time. With Post ID Export you can download IDs for any number of ads in a single export.

Read this article for a step-by-step guide how to create your first export.

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