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How can I export Post IDs?
How can I export Post IDs?

A step-by-step guide on how to get Facebook and Instagram post IDs.

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Post ID Export is a tool that downloads a CSV file with post IDs for selected ads, ad sets, or campaigns. With Post ID export you can download IDs for any number of ads in a single export.

Exporting post IDs in bulk

  1. Navigate to Launch section - Bulk Creation - Post IDs:

2. Click "+ Create export" to start setting up new export:

3. Select your ad account and define the scope of campaigns, ad sets, or ads you that you want to source post IDs from.

If you choose "Specific item", you can export all post IDs in a selected campaign, ad set, or ads:

Alternatively, you can use filters to match the exported items:

5. Now you can download the CSV file with post IDs by clicking "Export" button in the top right corner.

And that is it, your Post ID export is ready! It will be available in the list and you will be able to check on it any time you need:

Using the Post IDs to create ads in Revealbot

You can now use this export to create ads keeping all likes, comments, and shares. This option is available in Bulk Creation on the Ads tab -> Creatives -> Existing posts -> Enter post IDs:

You can simply paste the IDs from the export in bulk into the respective field and click "Search":

and the system will recognize these IDs:

Just select the post ID you would like to us for this selection and they will be used to create ads keeping all likes, comments, and shares.

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