Let's create a rule that will pause ad sets, that have conversions but the cost per conversion (CPA or CAC) is too high.

Now navigate to the Revealbot Rules page and click + Create rule

1. Select items to pause

Select your ad account and under Scope select ad sets that the rule will pause.

2. Check the number of conversions

The 1st condition checks whether an ad set has at least 1 conversion, otherwise, its CPA will be equal to zero. You don't need to change anything in this condition, keep the same setup as on the screenshot below.

3. Set minimal spend

In the 2nd condition set the minimum spend after which the rule starts acting. If you don't have this number in your head, just enter either:
– the double of what you have in your 0 conversions rule
– or 2-3 CPAs

4. Set your max CPA

In the 3rd condition edit your CPA value

You're all set! Now set the rule live.

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