Let's edit the preset called Example: Increase budget if CPA < X

1. Select ad sets to scale

Select your ad account and click on the 'Rule applies to' to select campaigns or ad sets which budgets the rule will increase.

2. Set scaling strategy

This rule will increase an ad set's budget by 20% once a day. If you prefer a different strategy, this is where you set it.

3. Set minimal number of conversions

Edit 1st condition: set a minimal number of conversions. Be careful of setting this number too low. A couple of conversions may not be enough to be sure that an ad set is a solid candidate for scaling.

4. Set CPA value

Edit 2nd condition: enter your desired CPA.

5. Set the timeframe & check your timezone

The 3rd condition prevents the rule from increasing the budget after 12 p.m. You can change the time or delete the condition if you don't need it.

You're all set! Now set the rule live.
For more guidance check out our video course on the automated rules. Learn how to manage the budgets automatically in the video below: 

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