Some customers convert immediately, others – need more time. Thus conversions can happen even when an ad set is already on pause. Such late conversions can turn your once inefficient ad sets into profitable ones. 

Let's set up a rule that will unpause ad sets if their CPA goes below your maximum value. Such rules are also called 'safety net'.

Navigate to the Revealbot's automated rules page and open the preset called Example: Unpause ad set if CPA < X.

1. Select items to unpause

Select your ad account and click on the 'Rule applies to' to select campaigns or ad sets that the rule will unpause.

2. Set the CPA

The first condition checks the CPA value. Set your desired value here.

3. Check if there were purchases

The second checks whether there were purchases. If there weren't, the CPA will be equal to zero, which is always less than any value that you enter. You don't need to edit this condition.

Alright, the rule is ready. Let's go live!

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