A popular marketing strategy is to relaunch paused ad sets at midnight. After all, if an ad set had a bad day yesterday, it doesn't mean it will have a bad day today. Let's set up such a rule now.

Navigate to the Revealbot Rules page and click + Create rule

1. Select items to restart

Select your ad account and under Scope select ad sets that the rule will restart.

2. Check if an ad set had delivery

This condition checks whether an ad set was active yesterday. If you leave it as shown on the screenshot below, the rule will only unpause ad sets that had at least 50 impressions yesterday.

When you get familiar with how the rules work, you can add more conditions here. For example, only restart ad sets with CPA below a certain value.

3. Check your time zone

This setting is especially important for rules that run on a schedule.

4. Check the schedule

You don't need to change anything if you want to unpause ad sets at midnight. Otherwise, select a different time. Another popular option is 4 a.m.

Alright, the rule is ready. Let's go live!

If you want to reset the budget to the original value, check out this quick video tutorial.

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