Pause low-performing ads or keywords

Based on the number of conversions and the cost per conversion

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Some advertisers experiment with different keywords and try to keep the ones that perform best while optimizing the ones that are underperforming. You can use automated rules in this process by routinely pausing the ones that don't perform as desired so that you can optimize and re-enable them later.ย 

Here's an example of pausing keywords that have a very high cost per conversion: a rule could pause all keywords with a cost per conversion that's more than $20 and at least 100 conversions in the last 7 days.

1. Let's select all active keywords using a filter. If you want to apply the rule to ads, just choose 'Ads' in the sidebar and in the filter.

2. Now set up two conditions. One will check off the keyword that has had at least 100 conversions for the past week. The other โ€” whether the cost per conversion is over $20.

3. Turn on Slack notification & set the rule live!

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