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Facebook ad accounts review
Why do we review your Facebook Ads accounts?
Why do we review your Facebook Ads accounts?

Ads policies compliance requirement

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Being an official Facebook Marketing Partner we have to be sure our clients run only compliant ads through us. There are rules that we all have to abide by. If you don't follow the ads policies you get your ad accounts banned by Facebook. And this in turn affects our app's policy violation score.

Keeping this score contained is very important for us because if it gets too high it might affect our partnership with Facebook negatively. Therefore we review every ad account from the Advertising Policies standpoint.

Once the review is finished we send a message with the results to your email. For more info on the review results you can always contact us on Intercom or email πŸ˜‰

Please also feel free to check out our blog post Essential Facebook ad policies to know for more insight on what you can advertise on Facebook.

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