Revealbot helps to simplify automation of your ad campaigns running on the most popular platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google and Snapchat. With Revealbot tools you can optimize budgets and auto-manage ad campaigns, generate reports and visual charts integrated with Slack, create Facebook ads in bulk and auto promote Instagram and Facebook posts. 

What Revealbot features you can use to improve advertising?

Automated Rules. Revealbot allows creating rules with complex conditions, flexible schedule settings and wide variety of automated actions to manage your ad campaigns with greater efficiency. You can control spending limits and adjust budgets, scale most profitable ads and pause underperforming ones, start and pause campaigns on a custom schedule.

Auto post boosting. Promote Facebook and Instagram posts automatically based on conditions you define using our auto post boosting feature. Combine it with the automated rules and come up with your own ads promotion strategy.

Bulk creation. With this tool you can create ads in bulk from scratch or use existing Facebook posts, build multiple variations of creatives and split audiences to find such a combination of a creative and a copy that would deliver the best results.

Reports. Create custom reports and visual charts providing data around all aspects of your ad campaigns and deliver it to your email or Slack channel on a schedule.

Study our help center further and reach out to us if you need any help ;)

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