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What happens if I reach my monthly spend limit?
What happens if I reach my monthly spend limit?
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Monthly plans

Each monthly plan has a monthly spend limit. If your ad spend exceeds the limit of your plan, we won’t interrupt your service. Instead, you’ll see an additional charge as a separate invoice on top of your monthly bill and all features available on your plan will remain active. This charge is assessed month-by-month.

The additional fee depends on your current plan percentage - check this article on how we charge overages.

Upgrading to a higher tier can be cheaper if the monthly limit is exceeded by much. You can choose a different plan on our upgrade page.

Yearly plans

Each yearly plan has a monthly spend limit - for example, if you are on a $99 yearly and paid $990 you can have up to $10k ad spend each month. If you exceed the spend limit, your automated and post-boosting rules as well as reports will continue working but you wouldn't be able to edit them or create new ones till the start of the next month. Once the next month starts your monthly cumulative spend will start over again. 

If it is a matter of some urgency you can always upgrade to a plan of a higher notch at any time and not have to wait for the beginning of the new month.

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