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How can I estimate what plan suits me?
How can I estimate what plan suits me?
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All the available plans can be checked out on the Billing page or here.

Each plan has its monthly spend limit. Monthly ad spend is the total amount of ad budgets across all of the ad accounts connected to Revealbot irrespective of the platform (Meta, Google, Snapchat, TikTok).

To define which plan will suit you best, please go to the pricing page, select the billing frequency (monthly or annual), and move the spend toggle to match the expected spend across the ad accounts you intend to connect and use in Revealbot:

​Please note that the billing is not based on the ad spend generated via Revealbot rules, it considers the ad spend across all connected ad accounts for the period when they were connected. If you are not using some ad account with Revealbot, you can just toggle it off so its spend does not get counted.

If your monthly spend changes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription. In this case, plan downgrades will take place at the end of the current billing period. Plan upgrades will still take place immediately.
❗️​Please note If the account is not upgraded before the spend limit has been exceeded, overages will be charged according to the plan rate. Your Revealbot account stays active and all features remain available.

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