In some cases, for example, when you create an auto post-boosting rule there is no Instagram page available in the drop-down list on Step 4. Ad settings:

  1. If you don't see your Instagram account available there first make sure you have added your Instagram profile to your Business Manager on Facebook. 

  2. If your Instagram page is already connected to your Business Manager check whether it is connected to any of your Facebook ad accounts and Facebook Pages where you have admin rights in:

  3. If everything is properly connected we advise you to double check Instagram
      settings. Is your Instagram page converted to Business Page? 

If so, follow the steps below:

  4. You can also try to remove Revealbot app from Business Integration on Facebook
      and add it back again.
  5. Next you can reconnect your Instagram account in Integrations page in Revealbot. 

Any questions left? Send them our way at or in our in-app chat. We are glad to assist!

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