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Remove Revealbot business integration
Remove Revealbot business integration

This may help troubleshoot the integration issues

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Sometimes Facebook ad account doesn't show up on the Integrations page, you don't see a particular Facebook page or your Instagram account can not be connected so some of the core features become unavailable. Here is a trick you can use to make everything get properly connected:

  1. Go to your profile on Meta

  2. Click on the Settings & Privacy and then on the Settings tab:

  3. On the left sidebar, there is a Business Integrations option where you can see Revealbot app in the active services connected to manage your ads. Select the app and click Remove:

  4. Then open the app back again and reconnect your Facebook account in Integrations. Or use these links instead:
    ​Facebook Ads
    ​Facebook Insights

Finally, check if the problem you were experiencing is resolved. If not, please contact us πŸ™

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