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How do I connect my Google Ads accounts?
How do I connect my Google Ads accounts?
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To create automated rules for Google Ads you need to authorise Revealbot app. Go to Integrations page and hit Google Ads:

Once Google Adwords account is connected you'll be able to choose ad accounts to work with:

There is no review process for Google ad accounts, you can start automating right after the ad account is enabled on the Integrations page. 

Note that in case your ad account is tied to My Client Center (MCC) where you can manage several Adwords accounts we still can access only the ad account you connect to our platform. But Google will automatically send notifications to the owner/admins of MCC. So for each connected ad account there is a separate notification. That is what Google does automatically, we don't have control over these notifications.

Check out most commonly used rules and send us a message in case you need any help!

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