You can turn off campaigns at night and restart them in the morning every day (or on specific days) using Time greater / Time less conditions in combination with Custom schedule.

Let's say we want to start all campaigns at 6:00 AM and turn them off at 11:00 PM (every day, Mon-Sun):

1. Create 2 tasks in a single rule:

  • Task 1 - Start campaign if Time less than 7 am
  • Task 2- Pause campaign if Time greater than 10 pm

2. Enable Custom schedule in Rule checking section and set up timing to 6 am and 11 pm, Sunday-Saturday (click on Weekly time slot to check all 7 days at once):

So this rule would run twice a day accurately at the times selected in custom schedule. When it runs at 6:00 AM the rule checks conditions in both tasks but only one of them will be met - the one in the Start task (6:00 AM is less than 7:00 AM). Hence only Start task gets triggered at 6:00 AM. Pause task works the same way at 11:00 PM (condition in Start task isn't going to be met at 11:00 PM).

If you need to run specific campaigns on a schedule, you'd need to filter campaigns by their names in Rule applies to section: Campaign name doesn't contain 'tag' (exclude campaigns) or Campaign name contains 'tag' (include particular campaigns). 

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