When creating Automated rule you need to apply it to a set of campaigns, ad sets or ads. Let's take a closer look at Rule applies to section. 

Click on Select items and a new window will pop up where you can select all items to be affected by the rule.

Step 1. Set up Facebook ad account and define general level of objects the rule will be applied to: Ad account, Campaigns, Ad sets or Ads level.

Step 2. To narrow selection and take a certain group of objects on the level you picked, go down to Selection method. There are 2 options available: 

  • Select specific items implies picking up objects available within selected ad account manually. Open a specific campaign to choose nested ad sets and ads.
  • Selection filter. Another option (and much more advanced, we highly recommend to use this one) is Selection filter. It allows filtering objects by its name, status (active/paused) or delivery status, so you can fetch a group of objects based on a certain criteria: ads delivery status or text contained in items names. Besides, you can set a group of filters (joined together as AND type conditions) to customize selection more specifically.
    On the screenshot below the rule will run on a group of Ads if their parent Campaign contains tag 'Reveal'  AND Ad Set status is Active.

Hopefully this short guide helps to get more insight on how you can apply a rule to campaigns properly. If you're stuck on applying your rule to ads, ad sets or campaigns, please hit us with any questions in the chat (click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner).

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