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How to apply a rule at specific level?
How to apply a rule at specific level?

Apply the rules to the right ads, ad sets or campaigns

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When creating an automated rule you need to apply it to a set of campaigns, ad sets or ads. Let's take a closer look at how to do that.

Step 1. In the Ad account section choose an ad account which you wish the rule to apply to. You can choose several accounts as well by clicking the "+" button.

Step 2. In the Filter section you can define a general level of objects the rule will be applied to: Ad account, Campaigns, Ad sets or Ads level.

To narrow the selection down and take a certain group of objects on the level you picked, click the "+" button:

Selecting Specific items implies picking up objects available within the selected ad account manually. Open a specific campaign to choose nested ad sets and ads. In this window, you can also apply a filter in the top right corner and filter out All items, Active ones or Paused ones.

On the bottom left you can see how many and what kind of items you have chosen.

The rest of the options allow filtering objects by their names, status (active/paused), or delivery status, so you can fetch a group of objects based on certain criteria: ads delivery status or text contained in items' names. You can also combine all 3 filter options together as in the screenshot below, it will show you how many objects match the criteria.

We hope this short guide helps you to get more insights on how you can apply a rule to campaigns properly. If you're stuck applying your rule to ads, ad sets, or campaigns, please hit us with any questions in the chat (click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner).

If you would like to try building the rules right now, feel free to jump into our rule set-up guides for Meta, TikTok, Google and Snapchat.

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