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Are Google metrics updated with delays?
Are Google metrics updated with delays?
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When looking at the results and tracking campaigns performance in Google Ads manager you might have noticed that most Google metrics are coming in with significant delays.   

According to Google specifications, you should account for a lag by at least 3 hours in updating such metrics as clicks, conversions or impressions. Some other metrics are typically delayed for up to 24 hours. Here you can get more information about Google data processing lags: About your data freshness

Tip. That's where Revealbot flexible schedule in automated rules becomes quite helpful and compares favorably to Google native rules. 

With Revealbot you can schedule the rule to run every 15-30 minutes which helps pulling off updated data much quicker rather than applying Google rules schedule with only ‘Once a day’ frequency option.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop a message in Revealbot app-chat to get in touch with one of our team members! 

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