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Duplicate ad set with delayed start
Duplicate ad set with delayed start
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When duplicating your best-performing campaigns, ad sets, or ads you may need the duplicates to start running the next day.

There are a few ways to do that in Revealbot a couple of which you can learn about below.

Duplicate based on the last day's performance. You can create a duplication rule and schedule it to run at a specific time of the day and the trick here is that the rule would be based on yesterday's performance.

The rule runs every day at 6 AM according to the timezone selected - ad account timezone is set as a default. Note that and once the campaign/ad set/ad metrics for the previous day met your threshold values (Cost per purchase below 10$ in this example) - it creates a duplicate accurately at this time you've set in your schedule. Note that the rule can be based on any timeframe, not only yesterday.

Another way would be to turn off freshly created duplicates (applying another rule with the filter ad set name contains - copy or any other tag, plus Hours since creation < 0.5 condition) and restart them the next day at a specific hour (3rd rule would restart them the next day fetching ad sets by the same tag in their names).ย 

So, the first rule is based on today's ad set performance and creates a duplicate once a day appending a tag to the duplicate's name (you can also add auto-generated number of the copy to the duplicate's name by enabling "Append the number of duplicate" option).

Pause rule turns off newly created duplicates shortly after creation:

Start rule relaunches duplicates the next day on a single condition that goes hours since creation < 24. Apply the same filter - ad set name contains Copy, and select Run on specific days and times option for Schedule to start the ad sets at a certain hour of the day (e.g. at 7 AM):

Now it's also important to account for situations where the duplicates are created in between midnight and 7 am. You might not want them to be stopped and restated a few hours later so to avoid that you'd need to tweak the pause rule conditions a tiny bit - add time greater than 7 am condition there to not let it stop the copies created before 7 am.
If that doesn't really make sense you can always rely on us to elaborate, just send us a message! For more guidance on duplication check this video out:

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