When creating and running Facebook ad campaigns it’s important to set Conversion and Attribution windows accurately and differentiate between these 2 settings.

1. Conversion window is set under Optimization & Delivery section of each campaign and tells Facebook how to optimize ads delivery so that users are more likely to convert within this window. So Facebook will pay attention to those conversion events that happen within this time range you set (e.g. 1 day click and 1 day view). 

2. Attribution window on the other hand is merely a display thing, it's not affecting anything but the data you see in the Ads Manager or received by Automated rules when they're running. 

By setting Attribution window to 28-day-click and 1-day view you’re telling Facebook to count only events attributed within 28 days after clicking and 1 day after viewing an ad.

To see which attribution window you're looking at you can click Customize columns in Ads Manager and check the bottom right corner:

Attribution windows in Ads manager and Automated rules have to be aligned for the rules to execute based on the same data as you see in Ads manager.

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