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Can I manage team member permissions?
Can I manage team member permissions?

Define the ad accounts and features access for each team member

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There are three types of users you can invite to Revealbot on the settings page:

1. User with admin privileges has the same access as the owner does.

2. User that has full access to all Revealbot features and connected ad accounts by default if the 'Set permissions' option is left unchecked. Such a user wouldn't be able to access integrations, team, and billing settings.

Enable this toggle on the screenshot above to set specific permissions for a user, grant access to particular ad accounts/features, restrict from some ad accounts or the whole platform:

The permissions can be edited at any time for any team member in your Revealbot account:

โ€‹Note: the Activity page, where you can see every action executed by the rules does not filter out the ad accounts that a user doesn't have access to. The Activity page shows all rules activity, regardless of the user's permissions.

3. The last category of users you can invite to Revealbot is Client - doesn't have any access and can't see anything except for notifications on his email from automated rules and reports.

Note: Any invited member should receive an email from Revealbot with the invitation link and a member is displayed as 'pending' until he accepts the invitation via the link and registers under your Revealbot company account.

If you see some email you're trying to add is already invited to another Revealbot account, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for further info. We'll figure it out!

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