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Creating lookalike audiences in Revealbot
Creating lookalike audiences in Revealbot

Learn to create LAL audiences right from your Revealbot account

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Lookalikes is a good way to target similar people and get better conversions, now you can create lookalikes and manage your audiences without leaving Revealbot. Along with that, we have introduced a few small but outstanding features Facebook doesn't have like the creation of lookalikes in bulk using multiple sources and locations, the extension of audience size up to 20% (Facebook only allows 10%), and most excitingly β€” leveraging Ad Set Based Conversion Lookalikes to continuously generate lookalikes from high-performing Ad Sets.

You'll find Lookalikes under Audiences in the top menu of Bulk Creation inside the Launch section:

If you already have some Lookalike Audiences created in Facebook Audience Manager, they will show up here. Clicking on any item in the list reveals audience details and allows you to edit its name or to delete it.

Note that deleting lookalikes in Revealbot will also remove them from Facebook Manager.

Let's build a new LAL audience in a few easy steps! Click +New lookalikes to start.

Ad account

Pick an ad account that you'd like to create an audience for.


Gives you an option of creating a LAL bases on the Existing sources - Custom audience or Page fans/ visitors or based on the ABC Lookalikes (Ad Set Based Conversion Lookalikes). For the latter, pick any relevant well-performing Campaign/Ad Set to find people that will more likely interact with your business. Specify one or multiple Campaigns or use nested Ad Sets you want to create your lookalike from. You can use both active and paused items.

Audience location

You'll need at least 100 people in your customer group in order for Facebook to create a lookalike audience.

Audience size

Here you choose between similarity and reach β€” using a broader audience increases the reach but decreases the similarity. You can create up to 6 LALs choosing the percentage of their similarity to the selected source audience.

Audience name

Name your audience and add relevant macros to the name to specify the audience's Range (start, end), Location, Source, or Time (current year, current month, current day, current date, current time).

Once everything is set up, click Create and you're all done! It could take up to 24 hours for your lookalike to be created as it takes time for Facebook to find people that are similar to your source audience.

Tip: Using multiple sources and locations can help you create LAL audiences in bulk.

Adding another source using the Existing sources option and/or another Location by clicking + Location button allows you to create several separate LALs for each source audience.

The number of lookalikes you'll get as a result depends on the number of sources, location groups, and the number of LALs you've selected. You can track the estimate of items to be created in the top right corner of the page throughout the process.

Need some assistance? Just drop us a line via a bubble at the bottom right corner of the page πŸ˜‰


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