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How AppsFlyer integration works
How AppsFlyer integration works

Check out our new integration with AppsFlyer attribution platform

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About the integration

We're super excited to announce that Revealbot has now integrated with AppsFlyer!

AppsFlyer is an analytics and attribution platform that helps marketers make the right choices with accurate attribution insights.

Now, you can receive attribution and performance data straight from AppsFlyer, and use it in your Facebook automation rules and custom metrics to ensure your rules are acting based on the most accurate data.

How to connect your AppsFlyer account with Revealbot

1) First things first, you need to grant the required API permissions to Revealbot within AppsFlyer. This can be done in the App Integrations section:

Once you find Revealbot in the list, make sure you toggle on the access button:

2) Next, you will need to go to the Integrations page and click Connect next to the Appsflyer integration. You will find it among Attribution tools:

You will be asked to select a Facebook ad account associated with AppsFlyer from the list:

Then select the app that you would like to link to the ad account in Revealbot:

Last but not least, please specify the Appsflyer events you want to track and use as metrics in Revealbot:

There you go! You are all set to start building the rules with AppsFlyer events.

AppsFlyer events in Meta Rules

As soon as the integration is enabled for your account, you can start building rules based on events you get from AppsFlyer.

You will find the AppsFlyer section in the list of metrics when setting up a rule. Use the Integrations tab, then click AppsFlyer to pick the desired event:

AppsFlyer events in Custom Metrics

You can also set up custom metrics based on the AppsFlyer events and use them further in your Facebook rules:

This integration also allows you to make the custom metrics even more personalized by combining AppsFlyer events with other types of metrics:

For detailed instructions on setting up custom metrics, please check out How to create a Custom metric in the Help Centre.

Please keep in mind that AppsFlyer metrics do not work with custom timeframes and cannot be used in rules with the Ad Account in the scope. For now, they are available for Meta automation rules only.

If you face any difficulties connecting AppsFlyer to Revealbot or using rules and custom metrics based on AppsFlyer events, contact our team in Intercom chat or at We'll give you a hand!

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