About the integration

We're super excited to announce that Revealbot has now integrated with AppsFlyer!

AppsFlyer is an analytics and attribution platform that helps marketers make the right choices with accurate attribution insights. Now, you can receive attribution and performance data straight from AppsFlyer, and use it in your Facebook automation rules and custom metrics.

Please note that AppsFlyer integration is in the open beta. Currently, we are adding all participants manually. Please go to https://revealbot.com/integrations/appsflyer if you would like to apply for the open beta.

How to connect your AppsFlyer account with Revealbot

1) First things first, you will need to grant required API permissions to Revealbot within AppsFlyer. This can be done in the App Integrations section:

Once you find Revealbot in the list, make sure you toggle on the access button:

2) Next, you will need to fill out this form and provide us with your email, ad account ID, App ID in AppsFlyer, as well as the list of events you want to track.

Please note that the specified ad account should be connected to Revealbot in order to enable the integration.

3) Once your application has been processed you will receive a respective confirmation to the email address you specified in the form, and you can start using AppsFlyer data in your Facebook automation rules and custom metrics!

AppsFlyer events in Facebook Rules

As soon as the integration is enabled for your account, you can start building rules based on events you get from AppsFlyer.

You will find the AppsFlyer section in the list of metrics when setting up a rule. Use the dropdown to pick the desired event:

AppsFlyer events in Custom Metrics

You can also set up custom metrics based on the AppsFlyer events and use them further in your Facebook rules:

This integration also allows you to make the custom metrics even more personalized by combining AppsFlyer events with other types of metrics:

For detailed instructions on setting up custom metrics, please check out our How to create a Custom metric? article in the Help Centre.

Please keep in mind that AppsFlyer metrics do not work with custom timeframes and cannot be used in rules with the Ad Account in the scope. For now, they are available for Facebook automation rules only.

If you face any difficulties connecting AppsFlyer to Revealbot or using rules and custom metrics based on AppsFlyer events, contact our support team in Intercom chat or at help@revealbot.com. We'll give you a hand!

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