The Top Audiences section of Revealbot provides a great way to analyze your best and worst-performing audiences across campaigns and ad accounts.

But in addition to finding insights, you can create new saved audiences from the Top Audiences reports and use the resulting parameters to target the user-base that brings the most value in your new campaigns.

Creating a new audience

In the Top Audiences section of the app, first, select the audience of your choice by ticking the corresponding checkbox. You can select one or multiple audiences at the same time.

Next, click the β€œCreate audience” button.

In the appeared slideout menu, select the ad account in which the new audience will be created. All Facebook ad accounts you have previously connected to Revealbot will be available for selection.

Note that the new audience will be created in Revealbot in the Assets section. It won't integrate into Facebook Ads Manager.

Click the β€œCreate audiences” button at the top-right of the screen. The new audience will be saved into the Assets section of Revealbot for the ad accounts of your choice. Now, it's ready for use in future campaigns!

Things to know

Note, that there are a few cases when new audiences can be created with restrictions, without custom or lookalike audience data, or can't be created at all. Here are the possible scenarios.

Case one: you have full administrative rights and Locations data is present. If the audience selected from the Top Audiences report contains Locations, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, or both, and you have full administrative permissions for the ad account containing the audiences and the target ad account, Revealbot will create a new audience with all available parameters.

Case two: if you don't have administrative rights in Ads Manager but Locations data is available. In this case, Revealbot will create a new audience. But because of lacking administrative permissions, sharing custom or lookalike audiences between ad accounts will be impossible. As a result, the new saved audience will be created without custom or lookalike audience parameters but will contain locations.

Case three: you don't have administrative rights in Ads Manager and Locations data is not available for the selected audience. In this case, Revealbot won't be able to share data between ad accounts. Thus, creating a new audience will be impossible, since both of the required parameters (Locations, custom, or LAL audience) are missing.

Note that we also can't create audiences from reports with Ignored parameters. For example, imagine that you created a report with "Gender" as an ignored parameter. Each new Facebook audience has to have gender as required data. So, it's impossible to apply our feature to such reports.

To learn more about reports, read this article about using the Top Audiences section of Revealbot.

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