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Facebook ad account statuses: meaning and handling
Facebook ad account statuses: meaning and handling

Explaining statuses for Facebook ad accounts on Facebook Ads Integrations page and what you can do to connect the ad accounts to Revealbot

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Once you have switched on the ad account on the Integrations page, it is sent for review. It is necessary for us to conduct an initial review of your ad accounts in terms of Facebook Ads Policy compliance. As Facebook marketing partners we need to make sure that our customers run compliant ads via their ad accounts. You can find more details about why we run the reviews in the first place here.

Review is usually done instantly by an automatic algorithm. Essentially, our AI checks whether your ad account and the associated assets in your Business Manager are compliant with Facebook and Revealbot policies. Once the review is over, you should receive an email stating that the ad account has been connected or describing the reason why it cannot be connected at this point.

The ad account status on the Integrations page will change accordingly. Please go to your Facebook Ads Integrations page and check out the status that the ad account displays.

In this article, we'll go over all available statuses to bring more clarity as to their meaning and the steps you can take to get the ad accounts connected.

  • In review

    If the automatic review system struggles with a decision, the ad account is redirected for a manual review. Sometimes it may take up to a few hours, but usually, it's much quicker.

    If you feel like it is taking too long, please reach out to us via an in-app chat by clicking on a black bubble at the bottom of the page.

  • Policy violations

    This status means that your ad account did not pass the automated review due to one of the following reasons. To find out which of the reasons exactly caused the ad account rejection, please, check your e-mail or contact our support team.

    • Too many disabled ad accounts associated with the Facebook profile

      When reviewing the ad accounts we look at the bigger picture and check whether your Facebook profile is connected to any other disabled ad accounts.

      Our system recognizes that this particular ad account might not be disabled. The thing is that we monitor the overall health of the ad accounts associated with the profile linked to Revealbot, therefore all these other disabled ad accounts associated with the same profile affect the review process.

      Note: deleting the disabled ad accounts from the Business Manager will not help as the information on them is already in the review system, so the best way to address this is to appeal the disabled ad accounts on Facebook. We have detailed instructions on how to do this in our Help Center article.

    • Too many disabled ads

      Sometimes the ad accounts cannot be connected because of the high disapprove rate: while some of the ads are running, other ads might be banned by Facebook for various reasons. The system calculates the proportion of disabled ads to the total number of ads, and if the ratio of the banned ads is too high, the ad account cannot be connected immediately.

      You will be able to get the ad account connected to our platform once the disapproved ads have been appealed on Facebook using the following link. Running some new ads and getting them approved is also a good idea in this case.

      Note: deleting the disapproved ads from the Business Manager will not help to solve the issue.

    • Previous trial used

      If you see this reason mentioned in the email, it means that the ad account in question was earlier connected to another Revealbot account and free trial has been already used. Based on the Revealbot policy, a free trial can be granted only once per ad account.

      In this case, the ad account can be connected once you subscribe to a paid plan. Our support team will be happy to assist with the connection, as soon as you have switched to a paid plan.

    • More activity needed

      We have two requirements that need to be met in order for the account to be eligible for connection to Revealbot:

      1. Minimum spend limit that is set at $100 within the last 28 days

      2. At least 5 approved and active ads within the last 28 days

      Please run some ads on this ad account first so that our review system could analyze the ad account from the policy compliance standpoint. Once sufficient spend is accumulated, you will be able to connect the ad account to Revealbot.

  • Access lost

    Sometimes Facebook revokes access to the profile due to security reasons or due to a password change, which leads to connection loss.

    Please try re-authenticating your Facebook profile using this link or simply by hitting the blue Reconnect button next to your profile on the Integrations page. It is important that you are logged in to your profile on Facebook before you do so.

    Reconnection of the profile can also be done at any point by clicking Add profile button on the Integrations page. As long as you are logged into the required profile, it will get reconnected to Revealbot.

    Note: If there are several profiles connected and you have already reconnected yours, make sure the other users did the same - if you just disconnect a profile, all rules associated with it will turn into drafts.

  • Disabled

    This one is pretty straightforward - it means that Facebook has restricted the ad account from advertising. This can happen for a number of reasons, it might as well be a mistake of their automatic review system. To try and fix it we advise submitting an appeal to Facebook using this link.

  • Closed

    Your inactive ad account may have been closed by Facebook to help protect your accounts from being compromised by people you do not trust. To restore access to the closed account, you can reactivate it in your Business Manager. This article from Facebook Business Help Center contains more details on how you can make this happen.

  • Unsettled

    The ad account is Unsettled means that Facebook could not process the payment for an outstanding balance on your ad account. Make sure the payment method in your Facebook ad account is up to date with an accepted form of payment.

  • In Grace Period

    If your account status reads In Grace Period, it means either of the following:

    1. You asked Facebook to deactivate the ad account, in which case Facebook puts the account on hold and gives a 30-day grace period before the account deletion (in case the user changes their mind). This is how ad accounts can be deactivated.

    Presumably, somewhere in the same settings, you can cancel deactivation. Or you can log out of this ad account and log in back in the Ads Manager.

    2. If you are logged into this ad account, and the account is working, then this might have something to do with the payment. You can check to see if everything is ok here.

    3. You can check the ad account status in the Ads Manager - check the Business/ Payment settings, because even though the ads are running there might be something wrong with the payment of ad account. Learn how to troubleshoot a disabled ad account due to payment failure here.

We hope that now you have more clarity in regard to the ad account statuses displayed on your integrations page. However, if you have got any additional questions, please drop us a line via an in-app chat, we're always here to help! 🙌

Please also feel free to check out our blog post Essential Facebook ad policies to know for more insight on what you can advertise on Facebook.

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