Timeframe setting in Top Audiences and Top Creative reports allows you to track ad performance over time.

Timeframe section of the report offers the following options:

1. Select a suitable timeframe from the dropdown list

2. Enable Calendar dates toggle to select a custom period

3. Compare against a previous period by choosing one of the predefined options in a click, or select a custom period and pick dates in the calendar.

Note: If you go with the Custom period option, the chosen periods may intersect, i.e. the metric values for the Last 90 day period will include the numbers from Last 30 days

The reports have become even more customizable. By clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the report you can sort the results by timeframe or by percent change to:

  • Get a better understanding of how your creatives and audiences perform dynamically. See the relative performance change in percents and absolute figures.

  • Filter filter report by timeframe for more precision.

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