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How Wicked Reports integration works
How Wicked Reports integration works

Check out our new integration with Wicked Reports attribution platform

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About the integration

After the iOS 14 update getting your hands on the truthful data became quite a challenge. Many advertisers turned to the help of the third-party tools that provided such an opportunity. Wicked Reports is one of such tools, and we are thrilled to announce that now Revealbot has direct integration with Wicked Reports! 🀩

Pull the required data straight from the Wicked Reports, and use it in your Facebook automation rules and custom metrics to make all the right decisions.

How do I connect my Wicked Reports account to Revealbot?

First of all, you will need to find your API key in Wicked Reports. Please go to the Authorizations section:

and copy the key from Orders Data --> API column:

Now you will need to enter this key into Revealbot to make sure the connection between two platforms is established. Please go to the Wicked Reports tile on the Integrations page under the Attribution section, enter your API key, click Connect:

That's it, now you can start using your Wicked Reports data in Revealbot rules πŸ₯³

Wicked Reports metrics in Facebook Rules

Now you can select the Wicked Reports metrics right from the metric selector when you are building the conditions of your rule, just start typing the name of the metric or click on the Integrations tab and you'll find the list of available metrics under the Wicked Reports category:

You can build such rules with ad accounts, campaigns, ad sets and ads in scope, so there are plenty of options to take advantage of your tracking data.

You can also change the attribution model for Wicked Reports metrics at the bottom of the rule builder: Show Attribution Settings -> Integration settings. The available options are: linear (default), full_impact, first_click, first_optin, reoptin, last_click

Wicked Reports data in Custom Metrics

Use your Wicked Reports metrics to create your unique Facebook custom metric right from the rule builder or from the Assets section of the user menu:

Your formula can combine a WR metric, a regular metric, a Google sheet metric – whatever you might need to get your result.

If you'd like to set up a custom metric but are not quite sure how to go about it, please check out our article on How to create a Custom metric in the Help Centre.


Wicked Report metrics are currently available for Facebook Rules but we certainly have more in store πŸ˜‰ To be up-to-date and all the product news, please keep an eye on this page.
Should you experience some troubles setting up your Wicked Reposts integration, our team is just a bubble click away :)

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