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Check out our new integration with Hyros Ad Tracking & attribution platform

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About the integration
With the new iOS 14 update, the Facebook pixel has lost some of its power due to privacy regulations. Instead, one needs to collect user data through different third-party tools. One of these tools is Hyros, which is a hyper-accurate service that one can use to track conversions and tailor ad campaigns. And we are now happy to announce that Revealbot has integrated with Hyros! 😍

And this integration offers some features that are not available in Hyros itself, like campaign-level aggregation of events and Top Creatives reporting. Check it out below:

How do I connect my Hyros account to Revealbot?
1. First things first, you will need to find your API key in Hyros. Please go to the Settings and copy the API key from the Profile tab:

2. Next, you will need to connect Hyros to your Revealbot account using the API Key. Please go to the Hyros tile on the Integrations page under the Attribution section, enter your API key and click Connect:


Well done πŸ₯³ You are now ready to start building the automated rules based on data you get from Hyros!
​Hyros metrics in Facebook Rules
Now you can select the Hyros metrics in the list of metrics when setting up a rule. Please use the dropdown to pick the desired event:

Please keep in mind that Hyros metrics are available for Facebook automation rules only.

You can use Hyros metrics on ad, ad set and campaigns level. Campaign level aggregation of data is provided specifically by Revealbot, this is something you cannot do natively in Hyros πŸš€

Please note that the rules will use Inbound Currency that you configured in Hyros. If you would like the rules to use a different currency, please adjust your Inbound Currency setting in Hyros accordingly.

You can also change the attribution model for Hyros metrics at the bottom of the rule builder: Show Attribution Settings -> Integration settings. The available options are: Last click (default), First click, Scientific (1,5,10,15,30 days)

​Hyros data in Custom Metrics
You can also create custom metrics based on the Hyros metrics and use them further in your Facebook automated rules. Set the custom metric right from the Automate section of your left sidebar:

or, from the rule builder:

Moreover, it's possible to combine Hyros metrics with other types of metrics to create an even more customized formula that works for you:

See Hyros metrics in Logs
After setting the rule with the Hyros metric live, you can track its activity and make sure everything is working as you planned.

Please open the rule logs in order to see the value of the custom metric during the completed checks, monitor how many ad sets or ads were affected by the rule and check which conditions in your rule were met and which weren't:

To learn more about setting up custom metrics, please check out our article on How to create a Custom metric in the Help Centre.

Using Hyros metrics for Top Creatives reports

You can now gain deeper insights into your creatives by leveraging Hyros metrics to generate Top Creatives reports. Just go to the Integrations tab when selecting metrics for your Top Creatives and select Hyros metrics that you want to use:

You can also pick the attribution model for Hyros metrics in the report under Advanced settings:

If you face any difficulties setting up your Hyros integration, feel free to contact our team in Intercom chat or at We'd be happy to help ;)

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