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How Placement Asset Customization works in Bulk Creation
How Placement Asset Customization works in Bulk Creation

Placement Asset Customization is now available when launching ads via Revealbot Bulk Creation.

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Customize your Meta creatives for different ad placements.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new feature that allows you to customize your Facebook creatives for different placements within our Bulk Creation tool. You now have the ability to change image or video creatives for Feeds; Stories & Reels, Apps & Sites; Search Results, Instant Articles.

Multiple placements increase the number of people who can see your ad and can improve ad results. This not only increases your ad's visibility but also enables you to reach potential customers at different stages of the customer journey.

How it works

Whether you build new creative sets under Launch - Bulk Creation or on the fly when setting up a new bulk creation template, you can use Placement Asset Customization.

1) First, go to the Media section of the creative set and choose an Image/Video/Slideshow that you want to use for this set:

2) Once you uploaded the creative, please click on the โ–ฒ sign on the right side to unfold the options for each placement:

  • Feeds

  • Stories & Reels, Apps & sites

  • Search results, Instant Articles

Next to each option, you will see the name of the file and its dimensions. These parameters reflect the parameters of the file you uploaded, as all three options are filled with a selected creative automatically. If you do not want to customize the creatives for a specific placement, leave it as it is, but bear in mind that Meta might crop your image to fit each placement.

3) If you would like to change the creative so that it fits the ratio required for the feeds/ stories etc, please hover over the placement that you want to customize the creative for, and click Change Image/video button that appears on the right side:

Once you click Change, the media library window will pop up, please select the file that you want to be used for this placement, and hit Add image/ video. You will notice that the creative in the chosen placement has been changed, and the dimensions of customised image are displayed:

4) If you would like to revert the file back to the original, please hover over the placement again and click Clear customizations button on the right side. If you do this, the placement will use the creative that you uploaded initially.

Whether you choose to customize your creative for a specific placement or not, you can always preview what the ad will look like in any placement with the selected creative and other variables (text, URL, CTA etc) on the right side. Use the placement selector on the top right corner to see all the options:

Now, if you choose specific placements manually in your Bulk Creation template Nor go for Automatic placement, you can be sure that Meta will use the creative that you customized for each placement:

If you have any questions about the Bulk Creation feature, you can also refer to this section in the Help centre. Please also do not hesitate to reach out to our team, we will be happy to assist!

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