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Common ways to use TikTok Ads automated rules

Discover how you can streamline your TikTok ad campaigns, optimize budget allocation, and save time and effort by automating routine tasks.

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Whether you're new to automated rules or looking to enhance your existing strategies, this article will provide you with practical insights and examples on how to make the most of Revealbot's automated rule capabilities for TikTok Ads:

  • ready-to-use strategies

  • rule templates

  • performance-based budget adjustment rules

  • time-based budgeting rules

Let's dive in and unlock the potential of automation in driving your TikTok advertising success!

Ready-to-use Strategies for TikTok Ads

First of all, we invite you to check out Revealbot strategies for TikTok Ads, where you can find rules that can be easily transferred to you account by clicking "Use Strategy".

Day Parting: Pause and unpause ad sets at specific times

Stop Loss: Let the rules monitor your TikTok ad campaigns and ads performance, and receive notifications if conversion volume is too low

Manage Budgets: Auto manage your budget according to ROAS by comparing timeframes in order to get a bigger picture of the ads performance

Track performance: Pause and start ad groups based on their performance

Rule Templates

If you are looking for some more examples on how to set up automated rules for TikTok Ads that drive results, you can also take advantage of the rule templates. Just go to TikTok Ads rules, and click Create rule. There you be offered to create a rule from scratch or start from a template:

Templates can be filtered by level (campaigns/ ad groups/ ads) and type (pause/ budget change).

Performance-based budget adjustment

Here are a few more examples of performance-based budget adjustment rules that you can set up on TikTok Ads:

  1. Decrease Budget for Low Conversion Rates
    Automatically decrease the budget of ad groups that have a low conversion number. By setting a threshold, such as a conversion number below 5, the rule can reduce the budget allocation to minimize spending on underperforming ads:

  2. Scale Budget for High Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Complete Payment ROAS: Automatically scale up the budget for ad groups that demonstrate a high click-through rate and a desirable ROAS.

    This rule ensures that budgets are increased for ad groups that generate significant user engagement with a good ROAS, potentially leading to even more conversions and better performance. It can be used if your ads are optimized for conversions and targeted at e-commerce customers, with the conversion event being a “Complete payment.”

Time-based budgeting rules

Here are a few examples of time-based budgeting rules that advertisers can set up on TikTok Ads:

  1. Weekday-Weekend Budget Variation
    Create rules to adjust the budget allocation between weekdays and weekends based on user behaviour patterns.

    For example, if weekends tend to generate higher engagement and conversions, the rule can increase the budget for campaigns running on Saturdays and Sundays:

    Enable Run on specific day and time option in the Schedule section to set up the timing for the checks. This rule will run 2 checks during the week: at 10 AM on Saturday to increase the budget for the weekend, and 12:15 AM on Monday to decrease it for the weekdays:

  2. Pause ads for the Nighttime
    Automatically pause the ads during nighttime hours when user activity and ad impressions typically decrease. This rule helps optimize spending by saving the budget during periods of lower engagement and focusing resources on more active times of the day.

    Let's say we want to start all campaigns at 7 AM and turn them off at 11 PM (every day, Mon-Sun). To have the rule apply to all the campaigns, you can use a little trick:
    choose Campaign name doesn’t contain %#@&^*& any non-existent combination, this way all the campaigns will be selected:

    Enable Run on specific day and time option in the Schedule section and set up the timing to 7 AM and 11 PM, Sunday-Saturday (click on Weekly time slot to check all 7 days at once):

    Please make sure that the timezone selected for the conditions should be the same as in the Timezone section below the Schedule.

Please make sure you customize these rules based on your target audience, campaign objectives, and performance data to achieve the desired balance and efficiency. And feel free to refer to the resources below for more insight on how to manage your TikTok Ads campaigns in Revealbot:

Revealbot vs TikTok Ads automation

⚡️ Ready to take your TikTok Ads to the next level? Sign up to Revealbot and create your first rule for TikTok Ads!

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