How to read Post Boosting rule logs

Track rules activity, make sure everything is working as you planned and if it's not - find out why

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Each post boosting rule has its own logs page where we record everything that you need to know about its activity.

To open the logs hover the mouse over the rule's name and click on the Logs button on the right hand side:

Once you click Create, the Post Boosting rule will start working right away and you will be able to view the initial results in the logs. If you click on the Logs, you will be taken to the Ads created tab where each row reflects a separate successful rule check. Apart from Ads created, you'll find two additional tabs in the logs - All Checkings and Errors. By switching to these tabs, you will be able to filter through the checks to see only those that resulted in created ads, errors or both.

You can also filter the checks based on the time, and as a default, it is set to All time:

Whichever tab you choose, you will see the time of the check and the following columns:
Posts matched - how many posts were matched by the rule based on the rule conditions you set
Ads created - how many posts have been successfully promoted during the given check of the rule
Errors - how many posts could not be promoted during the given check due to errors returned from Facebook API or setup errors

Please note that the time of the check is displayed as per your timezone, the timezone of the ad account might be different. More on this here.

Each row in the list represents the details of the given rule check, hit the check you are interested in to see the results on each separate post. Move around the tabs to check all ads, created, and not created ones.

You will also see the status next to the post, for example, Created and Already Boosted (for posts that are not boosted during this particular check because they have been boosted by this rule before). If you see any errors appearing, hover your mouse over the Not created status to find out the reason and troubleshoot the issue:

Please note that if Facebook API is returning an error that affects the whole rule rather than a specific post, you will see this error next to the rule name in the list:

The post boosting logs usually contain all the answers but if you struggle troubleshooting something we're always there in the chat, just let us know!

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