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Pro-tip: dynamic budget boosts for every conversion
Pro-tip: dynamic budget boosts for every conversion

Empower your ad campaigns with this dynamic rule that ensures your budget aligns seamlessly with your success metrics!

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This set up adapts to success in real-time: it will increase your budget by $X for every new conversion ✨

Below is a step-by-step guide to implementing this automated rule in Revealbot based on custom metrics. The rules can be set both on Campaign and ad set level, please choose the appropriate level for CBO (Advantage campaign budget) and ABO accordingly.

Create a Custom Metric

Formulate a custom metric using the formula “Conversions + 1.” This custom metric will serve as the basis for tracking new conversions. Duplicate the custom metric, adjusting the formula to “Conversions + 2", “+3”, “+4" etc, to cover scenarios with 2 or more new conversions during the hour.

Specify Conditions and Duplicate the task

Set up a metric comparison condition: “Conversions (Current Hour) = Conversions + 1 (Previous Hour).” This condition checks if the number of conversions in the current hour has increased by 1 compared to the previous hour.

Duplicate the task in the rule, modifying the task settings to increase the budget by $10 for the first task and $20 for the second task etc.

This way, the rule will increase the budget by ($10 * number of new conversions for the previous hour).

Set Rule Schedule

Ensure the rule runs checks on a set schedule, like every hour at X:45.

This allows the rule to assess the number of conversions for the current and previous hours and adjust the budget accordingly.

That is it 🙌🏼 If you have any questions about the setup, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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