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Add to name and Remove from name depending on ROAS
Add to name and Remove from name depending on ROAS

Check out this handy tip on using the "Add to Name" and "Remove from Name" tasks based on your ROAS

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The setup below will automatically add πŸ”₯ and ❌ emoji to ad sets with high and low ROAS accordingly, and then remove these tags if the ROAS changes over time.

Follow the steps below to set up the rule:

Add to Name Task

When your campaigns are hitting the mark, add a πŸ”₯ emoji to the ad set name. This emoji serves as a visual indicator of success, helping you quickly identify high-performing ad sets without even diving into the metrics.

On the other hand, when a campaign isn't meeting expectations, use the ❌ emoji in the ad set name. This emoji acts as a flag for underperforming ad sets, prompting you to take action and optimize where needed.

Remove from Name Task

It would allow you to automatically remove emoji indicators when campaigns no longer meet certain performance criteria ensuring consistency and clarity in your naming conventions without manual intervention.

With these simple indicators, you'll keep your campaigns organized and ready to conquer!

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