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Learn how and when to make Revealbot pause your campaigns automatically

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When you have dozens of ad sets running, it's essential to use automated rules. That way you won't need to go through your ad sets to find those that deliver poorly and stop each one of them manually.

When your Cost Per Acquired customer is 2x or 3x times greater than usual in the last couple of days – it's time to pause that ad set.

Example rules

Based on high-level metrics

When you know the limits for your Cost Per Link Click or Click-through Rate it's easy to come up with simple pause rules: 

CTR < 1% and 
Impressions > 1,000
CPC (link) > $2 and 
Spend > $20

Please note: additional conditions with Spend and Impressions help you get enough statistical data to evaluate CTR and CPC more precisely. If there is no data all metrics equal zero by default. 

Based on ROAS

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) = Purchase Revenue / Spend
This is a powerful metric used by professional marketers as an alternative to ROI, as it shows direct relation between your ad spend and revenue.

ROAS < 3 (Today) and
Spend (Today) > 0.5 * Daily Budget (Today)
ROAS < 3 (Last 3 Days) and
Spend > $20 (Last 3 Days)

Based on Time

You can pause your ad sets at certain times during the day when they do not perform well.  Use Time Greater and Time Less option.

Time > 8 PM
Time < 9 PM

The example rule above would pause your campaign at the end of the day in the period from 8 to 9 PM. You can start it back again the next day at any time.
You can also set the rule to run at a specific time using the
custom schedule in the schedule section at the bottom of a rule. 

Based on Pixel Purchase

Cost Per Website Purchase > $50 (Last 7 Days) and
Spend > $150 (Last 7 Days)
Website Purchases < 1 (Last 7 Days) and 
Spend > $150 (Last 7 Days)

For mobile apps 

Cost Per Mobile App Install > $5 and 
Mobile App Installs > 1 and
Spend > $25
Mobile App Installs < 1 and 
Spend > $25
Cost Per Mobile App Checkouts > $30 and 
Mobile App Checkouts > 0 and
Spend > $50
Mobile App Checkouts < 1 and 
Spend > $50

These are just general examples. Make sure to experiment with different values, metrics and rules to automatically pause under-delivering campaigns.

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