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Increase Budget type rules
Increase Budget type rules

Learn how to increase budgets for best performing ads to drive more conversions automatically

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What do you usually do when you see that one of your ad sets is performing better than others? You probably spend more on it to make it roll more to drive
more sales.

Example rules

Based on Pixel Purchase

Cost Per Acquisition, whatever it is in your case, purchases or mobile app registrations is the best indicator to make decisions on increasing budget.

Purchases (Pixel) > 1 (Last 3 Days) and 
Cost Per Purchase (Pixel) < $50 (Last 3 Days) and
Spend > $0 (Today)

That means while you have purchases in the last 3 days and your Cost Per Purchase stays lower than $50, you can keep increasing your budget.

Based on ROAS

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) = Pixel Purchase Revenue / Spend

ROAS > 3 (Today) and 
Spend (Today) > 0.5 * Daily Budget (Today)

In Revealbot you can compare metrics and base actions on that. In the above example we compare Spend with your Daily Budget.
So if your ROAS is strong (revenue is more than 3x times bigger than spend in our example) and you've already spent half of your daily budget – your budget is going to be increased to get you some more of that well-delivering ads. 

Note:  In Revealbot you can decide how often you want to change your budget: it can be as often as every 15 minutes or just once a day. You can also change the budget by a specific amount or percentage.

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