Installing Reveal is super simple. Once done, you'll be able to track your ad performance right in your team's Slack, set automation rules, alerts and custom reports. Let's get started!

Sign Up 

It's really straightforward – just go to the sign up page and create your Reveal account using your email or Slack. 

Connect Slack

You can skip this step if you signed up with Slack

After you signed up, you'd get straight to the Integrations page.  Start with connecting your Slack, as it will let you and your team get instant alerts and performance reports in the messenger.

Click on the Slack tile and you will be asked to pick a Slack team you want Reveal to join. 

⚠️  If you don't see your team in the list – make sure to sign into that team in the web-version of Slack.

Authorize access to Reveal and you'll get a message from the bot inviting you to take a tour around the main features. 

Connect Ad and Social Accounts

You can connect your Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google AdWords, YouTube, Twitter and MailChimp accounts to Reveal. On Integrations page hit the corresponding tab and authorize access to your account. 

If you have multiple ad accounts associated with your Facebook/Google account, you'll see them in the list. Toggle on the ad accounts you want to connect to Reveal. And you're all set!

What can I do now?

Once you've added the bot to Slack and connected your ad accounts, you can start exploring Reveal's main features:

  1. Automation
    You set the rules and conditions for your ads to make Reveal manage your ads for you.
  2. Alerts
    You can set trigger conditions for your ads. Once they are met, you and your team will get an alert to Slack.
  3. Custom Reports
    You can build custom periodic reports on your ads performance and get them in Slack.
  4. Chatbot
    Shows all your ad performance metrics for your campaigns right in Slack.


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