The Top Creatives report allows you to see the total performance of each image and video ad wherever it’s used using Revealbot's creative matching technology.

Here's a video on how to use it strategically with a quick overview of the tool:

How to set up a Top Creatives report

Click "Top creatives" in the left sidebar, or go directly with this link:

Click the “Let’s get started” button to create your first report. This will bring up the Top Creatives report configurator. You’ll have five configuration options:

Ad account

Choose the ad accounts of which creatives you want to analyze. You can analyze creatives from up to five ad accounts at a time.


By using filter options, you can be more specific about the types of campaigns, ad sets, and ads you want to analyze creatives from. There are three types of filter options:

  • name - if campaign, ad set, or ad contains or does not contain a keyword

  • status - if campaign ad set, or ad is or is not active or paused

  • delivery - if campaign ad set, or ad is or is not active, inactive, scheduled, and more.

All filters are combined with an "AND" relationship and therefore will include creatives where all filters are true.

Metrics to compare

When analyzing creatives, you can choose what metrics to analyze them for. You can choose up to ten metrics to analyze.


Choose a timeframe to analyze your creatives.

Attribution window

You can configure the attribution window to the following options:

  • 7-day click and 1-day view

  • 1-day click and 1-day view

  • 7-day click

  • 1-day click

  • 1-day view

In the below example, I'm analyzing creatives from one ad account, filtering for campaigns that contain "retargeting" in the campaign name, active ad sets, and campaigns with active delivery. I'm also only looking at the last 30 days using the 7-day click and 1-day attribution window.

Once you're done setting up your Top Creatives report configurations, click the "Analyze" button at the top and Revealbot will start building your Top Creatives report. Depending on how many creatives you're analyzing at once, it may take several minutes for the report to be ready.

Note: Images, videos, carousels, and page posts are the only types of creatives that are currently supported in Top Creatives.

How to use the Top Creatives report

When your report is ready, you’ll see selectable breakdowns along the top with quick stats of creative performance by platform, device, and more. By default, "Total" is selected and you can change your selection by clicking another box.

Below this is a table of the creatives and their metrics from the selected breakdown.

In addition to the breakdowns, you can further filter your creatives by creative type in the dropdown below your breakdown selection.

In the table of creatives, you have the option to sort your creatives by any of your selected metrics in ascending and descending order by clicking the metric column header. You can even sort by up to three metrics at one time.

For example, I've sorted by "Website purchase ROAS" in descending order so it's showing me my creatives with the highest or lowest ROAS. Now I can clearly see the creative angles that work best with my retargeting audiences to generate purchases.

Creative detail view

In the table, you can also see how many ads the image was used in. When you click a creative, will see a list of those ads and their ad sets with direct links to them in Facebook Ads Manager. You will also see more detail about the type of creative. For example, in the below creative, it's an image in 16:9 ratio at a 1200x628 px resolution in a horizontal format.

By clicking "Breakdown," you can break down this individual creative's performance by your chosen metrics.

Saving your Top Creatives report

Your Top Creatives reports are automatically saved after creating and editing them. You can give your report a name by clicking "Untitled report" at the top of the page and entering text.

By default, will always redirect to and show your most recently viewed report. You can share a direct link of your report to people who have access to your Revealbot account by its URL.

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