We charge our clients based on the plan they picked. Each plan has a monthly cost and an ad spend limit. To define which plan is appropriate for you, please go to the pricing page and pick the plan that suits your estimated ad spend. 

If you exceed the spend limit, your automated rules will continue working but you wouldn't be able to edit them or create new ones till the start of the next billing period. In case you can't wait for the new billing cycle you could upgrade to a higher plan.

The billing period starts on the first day of your subscription and lasts for a month, then it starts again and so on, unless you cancel the subscription. You can do that at any time on the billing page - you'll see the button at the bottom of the page. After you cancel the subscription you'll still have a full access to Revealbot until the end of the billing period that you have paid for.

Billing page

The billing page is also where you can apply your discount code if you have one, see your current plan, cumulative ad spend chart, payment history and where you can change the payment information and the plan. 

The ad spend chart displays the dynamics of your cumulative spend within the billing period. It sums up the spend of all Facebook, Google and Snapchat ad accounts that you connected to Revealbot in integrations and converts the numbers to US dollars if necessary.

How do I get charged if I upgrade/downgrade?

What payment methods are available? 

Can I edit my invoices?

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