We're using cost proration, it basically means that you're paying for the time you spent on each plan during the billing cycle. Note that all monthly invoices are always billed at the start of the billing cycles so when you upgrade you're not billed right away. The exception is the yearly plan upgrade.
Below are a few examples to demonstrate how exactly it works.

Example 1: 

You purchased plan $99 on August 15th, you were charged $99 for the August 15 - September 15 billing cycle. Plan $99 has $10k ad spend limit. In the middle of the billing period you decided to upgrade to the plan $199. As mentioned above you will not be charged anything right away, instead the next invoice amount will be increased by the difference between what you've already paid and what you owe for the bigger plan. The math here is pretty simple: you used plan $99 for half a month and for another half you were on the $199 plan, so the total cost for the August 15 - September 15 period should be the sum of the halves of these plans. 

99/2 + 199/2 = $149 - this is how much this particular billing period will cost.

But you have already paid $99 for this billing cycle, which means the next invoice amount will be increased by (149 - 99) = $50. On September 15th you're billed the $50 on top of the fee for the next billing cycle (September 15 - October 15). Given that on September 15th you're still on the 199 plan it means you'll be billed for the 199 plan, so the total invoice amount will be (199 + 50) = $249.

Now let's say that you didn't want to get billed for the 199 plan, you simply forgot to downgrade beforehand. Check out the next example to find out why it's actually not a problem.

Example 2:

Being on the plan $199 you paid $249 for the September 15 - October 15 period, $50 debt for the previous billing cycle and $199 for the next one. But you know that you don't need the $25k spend limit, $10k would be enough. So you simply downgrade back to the 99 plan straight away. Here is how it'll affect the next invoice amount given that you stay on the 99 plan till October 15th.

Essentially you'll spend the entire month on the 99 plan and that'll be the cost for this month effectively. Which means you overpaid $100 but the thing is that the payment system doesn't just forget about it, it credits $100 to your Revealbot balance and the money doesn't go to waste. The positive balance will reduce the next invoice.

So in this example if you keep the $99 plan for the rest of the billing cycle, on October 15th you're not going to be charged anything because $100 covers the fee of the new billing cycle.

Therefore the best way to save the money is to upgrade and downgrade the plan in a timely fashion so you're never using expensive plans when it's actually not necessary.

Example 3: Upgrade from yearly plan $99 to yearly plan $199

Some users prefer paying for the whole year in advance, that's where the yearly plans come into play. The yearly plans have the same spend limit for the month but the billing cycle is a year. 

Let's say you bought the yearly plan $99 on January 1st 2020. Both monthly and yearly plans at the $99 tier have the same spend limit of $10k per month. Midway through the year you realised that you need a bigger plan because you started spending more than $10k per month. So on July 1st you upgraded to the yearly plan $199. Now, unlike with the monthly plans, with annual plans you're paying in advance and that's what happens when you upgrade your yearly plan as well.

Half a year on the yearly plan $199 costs $1990 divided by 2, which is $995.
Half a year on the yearly plan $99 costs $990 divided by 2, which is $495.
Thus the additional cost you'll be charged at the moment of the upgrade is the difference between what you've already paid for the second half of the year ($495) and the second half's actual cost due to the upgrade ($995). The difference is $500.

So at the time of the upgrade you'll be charged $500 for the rest of your billing cycle. If, on the other hand, you downgrade your annual plan you'd get an automatic credit on your Revealbot balance, which would be used to decrease next invoices amounts.

Please note that the above describes the procedure for upgrading the annual plans starting from 2021. If you have subscribed to an annual plan before 2021, the procedure similar to upgrading the monthly plan will apply - you will get charged for the time spent on the higher plan (s) at the end of you billing period.

In case you have decided to cancel your subscription prior to the end of your billing period, the sum will not be refunded irrespective of whether you choose to use the tool or not. The same is true for pre-2021 subscriptions, the amount charged at the end of your billing cycle will cover the entire billing cycle. Please see article 3 of our terms and conditions for reference.

If it seems too complicated feel free to ask us for more details!

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