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How do I connect my Facebook Ads accounts?
How do I connect my Facebook Ads accounts?

Facebook ad accounts integration

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In order to start automating your Facebook Ads, you need to authorize Revealbot to do so. On the Integrations page (you have to be an admin of your Revealbot account to access Integrations) click on the first tile where it says Facebook Ads:

You'll get to ad accounts integrations, where you'd toggle the ad accounts on to connect them:

If you have hundreds (or thousands) of ad accounts, you may not see the full list under Facebook Ad accounts. In this case, please use the search function and enter the name of the ad account to find and connect it:

Once you toggle on an ad account it'll go into a review which is usually done instantly by an automatic algorithm. It defines whether you run compliant ads or not. If our AI struggles with a decision your ad accounts will be reviewed manually and sometimes it may take up to a few hours, but usually, it's much quicker. You're wondering why we review your ad accounts? Find out here.

As soon as the ad accounts are approved you can go ahead and start building automated rules. Check out the most commonly used rules and send us a message in case you need any help!

If there are several personal Facebook profiles connected to Revealbot and these profiles have admin access to the same ad account you can change the main profile the particular ad account works through.

IMPORTANT: If some of the ad accounts are connected to Revealbot via the profile that you would like to unlink, please make sure you re-select another profile for these ad accounts before removing the old profile to prevent the rules and reports from turning into drafts.

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