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Is there a minimum ad spend to use Revealbot?
Is there a minimum ad spend to use Revealbot?
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There is a minimum ad spend requirement for each Facebook ad account you want to work with here in Revealbot. The threshold is set at $100 in ad spend in the past 28 days, it is necessary for us to conduct an initial review of your ad accounts in terms of ads policies compliance.

Our cheapest plan as you can see on the pricing page costs $99/month and it has $10000 ad spend limit across connected Facebook, Google, TikTok and Snapchat ad accounts combined. So the minimum ad spend is basically defined by the comparison of our fee with your average ad spend on Facebook and/or Snapchat. If you're fine with the $99/mo fee when you spend around $1000/mo on the ads then we'll just think that the app brings you that much value that you're willing to spare 10% of your advertising budget on our software πŸ˜„

Wondering why we have to review your ad accounts? Check this article out!

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