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What is Slack integration for?
What is Slack integration for?
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By integrating Revealbot with Slack you achieve several things: 

  1. Get access to ads performance data right right in Slack interface by using specific commands. Request any pre-built report at any time to monitor the ads better. Learn more about it here

  2. Receive notifications about your rules activity, alerts about things that need your immediate attention

  3. Set up scheduled delivery of your reports from Revealbot to specific users or channels

  4. Receive alerts if there is an issue with connection to your Facebook, TikTok, Google or Snapchat account

For more information on how to set up Slack integration, we highly recommend checking out the article How to integrate Slack with Revealbot

Facing an issue with Slack? Drop us a line in the Intercom chat, we'll give you a hand ;)

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