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How to integrate Slack with Revealbot
How to integrate Slack with Revealbot

Learn how to connect your Slack workspace to Revealbot to receive regular alerts about your automated rules and reports

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Adding Slack to your workflow allows receiving real-time data on the performance of your campaigns without leaving Slack dashboard. By integrating Revealbot with Slack you can:

  • send ad campaigns performance and rules activity alerts from Revealbot to Slack when immediate action is required

  • send pre-built reports from Revealbot to private or public channels

  • monitor errors in ads automation performance

  • receive alerts if there is an issue with connection to your Facebook, TikTok, Google or Snapchat account

  • use Slack app for to get quick insights about your ads with easy commands right in the Slack interface

Please note that you can add just one Slack workspace to your Revealbot account, and if the users are members of this Slack workspace, they should be able to receive notifications about the rules and reports.

Let's go over the each step of connecting Slack and using this integration in Revealbot ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Connecting Slack account to Revealbot

Connect your Slack account on the integrations page in your Revealbot account:

  • Channels: To be able to get notifications and reports to Slack channels you need to invite a bot to those channels. Type /invite @revealbot or /invite @reveal in the channel to invite Revealbot to your Slack channel.

  • Specific users: If you want to send reports to specific users, they need to interact with the Slack bot first by sending any message to it (located in 'Apps' group in Slack), and then their names will appear in Slack notifications in rules or reports.

How to use the Revealbot Slack app

Download the Revealbot Slack app and connect it to your Slack workspace and Facebook account. A message instantly pops up offering you a tour of the Revealbot app within Slack. Click โ€œYes!โ€ and Revealbot will start walking you through all the data you can access within your Slack dashboard.

Now you can type /reveal into a new message and you will see all of the available commands and the data you can access:

Please check out this article for more details about using Slack bot ๐Ÿค–

Slack alerts about connection issues

We recommend that you set you add a Slack channel or users under Notifications tab in Account Settings to receive quick notice about connection loss issues. With this notifications set up, you will receive Slack alerts in case there is an issue with connection to your Facebook, TikTok, Google or Snapchat account, so you will be able to quickly re-connect the accounts to make sure the rules and reports are running non-stop.

Getting Slack alerts about automated rules

You can set up an automated rule for Facebook that can notify you via slack (or email) if certain conditions are met for an ad, ad set, campaign, or ad account.

For example, you can create an automated rule that says, send me a slack notification if ROAS for โ€œcampaign xโ€ in the last 6 hours drops below one.

Here is a video from our Revealbot course that can walk you through how to set up these notifications from scratch.

In Revealbot Automated rules, you can enable Notifications and set up one or multiple Slack channels to get notified immediately when ads automation is triggered. You can also enable notifications for errors only:

Delivering reports to Slack channels and users

Each report created in Revealbot can be delivered right to your Slack channel (either public, private, or your team member's channel) if you enable Deliver on Schedule in report Settings:

Once you selected the days and time for your regular report delivery, scroll down to Channel section to select the Slack channel or user from the list:

Managing access to Slack for specific users

If you have any questions about managing access to Slack, please check out this article: Can I give specific users access to Revealbot in Slack?

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team via chat bubble on the right side of the page โ†˜

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