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Setting up your Revealbot account
Setting up your Revealbot account

Connect the right social media accounts to use the features you’re here for

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Installing Revealbot is super simple. Once done, you'll be able to track your ad performance right in your team's Slack, set automated rules/alerts, custom reports, and create ads. Let's get started!

Sign Up 

It's really straightforward – just go to the sign-up page and create your Revealbot account using your email.

Connect Ad and Social Accounts

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You can connect your Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Instagram, Google Ads and Analytics, Snapchat Ads, YouTube, and Twitter accounts to Revealbot. On the Integrations page hit the corresponding tab and authorize access to your account. You can connect your team's Slack there as well.

If you have multiple ad accounts associated with your profiles, you'll see them in the list. Toggle on the ad accounts you want to connect to Revealbot. Facebook ad accounts connection requires our review but other than that you're all set!

If you have hundreds (or thousands) of ad accounts, you may not see the full list under Facebook Ad accounts. In this case, please use the search function and enter the name of the ad account to find and connect it:

What can I do now?

Once you've connected your ad accounts, you can start exploring Revealbot's main features:

  1. Automation
    You set the rules/alerts and conditions for your ads to make Revealbot manage your ads for you.

  2. Custom Reports
    You can build custom periodic reports on your ads' performance and get them in Slack and/or email.

  3. Post Boosting
    Connect your Facebook pages on the insights tab and promote a Facebook page and Instagram posts automatically based on their organic performance. 

  4. Bulk Creation
    Create and launch ad campaigns mixing different creatives, audiences, and other parameters.

  5. Top Creatives
    The Top Creatives report allows you to see the total performance of each image and video ad wherever it’s used using Revealbot's creative matching technology.

  6. Top Audiences
    Discover your best and worst-performing audiences across all your campaigns.

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