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Setting up cross-platform reports
Setting up cross-platform reports

Learn how to create KPI, Line, Pie charts and Breakdown reports

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Revealbot helps you create custom ad performance reports for your ad campaigns with any combination of metrics. You can have reports delivered daily, weekly or on a custom schedule.ย 

How to set reports?

The whole process is pretty straightforward, you construct your custom report on Revealbot's Reports page.

First you choose the type of widget which defines how the data would be represented:


- KPI with multiple timeframes

- Line chart with data grouped by days or by months

- Pie chart

- Breakdown

Then you select the platform and pick the items you want to report on: ad account, campaign, ad sets/ad groups, etc.

Then you are defining the timeframe Revealbot will pull the data for. If you opted for KPI with multiple timeframes for your widget type, you can select up to 3 timeframes for the KPI widgets if you want to see how your metrics change over time. Alternatively, feel free to go with Compare with the previous period option (available for all widget types) to how the values for the selected X weeks/days/hours compare against the previous X period.

You can have multiple items in your report, e.g. combine Facebook Ads with Google Ads stats in one report that you'll see in one place on the reports page, which essentially can be your custom dashboard with all the data you need to always stay informed on your ads performance.

Instead of looking at the reports in the browser you can also make them go out to your email or Slack on a flexible schedule. That can be set up on the settings tab when creating a report:

Right below that you'll see the selector of time and day when you'd like to get the report and the email or Slack channel you'd like it to go to.

Ready to create a report?

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