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About additional charges (legacy plans)
About additional charges (legacy plans)

We charge additional fee for the extra spend on monthly plans

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All Revealbot plans have the monthly ad spend limit. If your ad spend exceeds the limit of your plan, we won’t interrupt your service. Instead, you’ll see an additional charge as a separate invoice on top of your monthly bill and all features available on your plan will remain active. This charge is assessed month-by-month.

Overages are applied to monthly plans only.

The additional fee depends on your current plan percentage, see the table below.

Charges by plan tiers

Here's the breakdown of charges by tier.


If you choose a monthly $199 plan, your maximum ad spend limit will be $25,000. If you first subscribe to the plan on March 14, you will pay $199 at the beginning of the billing period. Then, this amount will be charged repeatedly each month: your next payment will proceed on April, 14. But your ad spend may increase. For example, by May 5 it could reach $26 000 and further increase to $30 000 by May 14, the day when the next billing cycle starts. This means that your overspend amount is $5 000 by the beginning of the next billing period.

The overspend amount is calculated as $5 000 (total overspend) * 0,8 % (overages percent) / 100%. Total is $40.

So on May 14 you will pay the additional fee of $40 for the overspend of April 14 – May 14 billing period, plus the regular fee of $199 for the upcoming period May 14 – June 14. The total amount will be $239.

Note that if your ad spend decreases significantly we advise you downgrade to a plan of a lower tier to save money. Downgrade does not happen automatically, you will need to downgrade yourself. All plan downgrades take place at the end of the current billing cycle. Check out this article on how plan changes affect the billing.

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