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Matching options for Top Creatives report explained
Matching options for Top Creatives report explained

Exploring how Top Creatives report can match the creatives to meet your analytical goals

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The updated Top Creatives report offers even more options for creatives matching!

Now you can pick one of the 3 ways to organize your report and Revealbot's creative matching technology will generate the report that works just for you!

  • Match by Creative

This is a default option that combines creatives by checking their parameters, such as image ratio, size, video length. As a result, all identical creatives across selected ad accounts will be merged into groups in the table.

When you click a creative, you will see the following details for each ad in the list:

  1. Direct links to the ads in Facebook Ads Manager

  2. Metric breakdown for each ad

  3. Creative details (image ratio, resolution and format)

  • Match by Post ID

This method implies that all creatives with the same Post IDs will be matched and merged into groups in the table.

In addition to the details described above, if you use Match by Post ID for your report, it will also show the respective Post ID that is used for matching:

  • Group by name

Group by name is Revealbot’s latest update that allows to filter what gets included in the Top creatives report by ad name, enabling you to use your naming convention to analyse specific ads. Using this option you can also create groups within the report based on filters by delivery, status and campaign objective.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a new Top Creatives report and switch to a new option, then click + Add Group:

  2. Create a group of ads using the "Ad name contains" filter. For even more flexibility, you can combine it with status or delivery status or naming filters on higher levels: Ad set and Campaign.

    The groups can also be duplicated and removed, just hover over the required group and these options will appear:

    Please note that apart from the filters applied to the groups, the filters specified for the whole report will also affect which creatives are included into your Top Creatives report. The filters on the report and group level are connected by AND operator.

  3. Save all your groups, set up other settings, and click Analyze to get stats for all groups of ads.

Yes, and most importantly, don't miss our detailed guide on how to set up a Top Creatives report ;) And if you ever come up with any questions feel free to contact us in our in-app chat or at

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