We are beyond excited to share that now Revealbot supports TikTok Ads!

Better filters, more metrics, logs and notifications, custom metrics, scheduled reports, and, of course, our robust editor are just some of the advantages of using the TikTok integration. Let's go over each of them:

Automation Rules

To start building automation rules for TikTok, you need to select TikTok Ads in Rules

Now you are ready to take your TikTok marketing up a notch! You can apply the rules to specific Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads or use our advanced filters: by name, objective, operation and delivery status (learn more about status meanings here).

Choosing a filter to target Rules via a drop-down menu

Please note that our filters are connected by AND operator. Due to TikTok API specifics, if you select multiple filters by campaign objective (i.e. campaign objective is Conversions AND Campaign objective is Traffic), the items that meet only the last filter applied (Campaign objective is Traffic) will be matched by the rule.

Here is the list of the actions available for TikTok Ads on a Campaign and Ad Group level (budget management can be performed on these levels only):

And most importantly, Revealbot has a wider range of metrics than available on TikTok natively - Page Events, Video Play, In-app Events, Basic Data, Engagement, and Attribution, you name it!

For more details on how to set up automation rules in Revealbot, please check out our guide. And keep in mind that the rules come hand in hand with the rule logs that can provide useful insights. If you are wondering how to read logs, we got you covered - here is an article that explains all of it!

Custom Metrics

Not only does Revealbot provide an extended list of TikTok metrics, but it also allows you to bring your own data into TikTok using custom metrics, which means you can:

  • use Google Sheets integration to source your rules with 3rd party data

  • create math operations with existing metrics

  • blend external data and TikTok data to create completely new metrics

This update is a total game-changer for TikTok advertisers. Now you’ll be able to build automations using the numbers that matter the most and automate and optimize TikTok Ads based on metrics tailored to their objective.

New to custom metrics? Feel free to check out our guide on how to set up custom metrics in Revealbot.


You can now set up customizable scheduled reports for TikTok ads! To do so, simply select TikTok Ads from the “Platform” dropdown when creating a widget.

Now you are ready to measure your progress towards marketing goals by choosing from TikTok-specific KPIs and Line graphs. And, of course, you can set up scheduled delivery to keep the team and clients always up to date on progress. Get started in the Reports section of Revealbot and feel free to learn more about Revealbot reports here.

If you are looking for more information on marketing via TikTok Ads, we have some posts on our blog that might answer your questions:

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Happy automation! 🎉

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