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How to create a custom audience based on a customer list with Google Sheets
How to create a custom audience based on a customer list with Google Sheets
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Prepare your customer list in advance

To make a custom audience from a customer list, provide us with information about your existing customers and we will match this information with Facebook profiles. The information on a customer list is known as an "identifier" (such as email, phone number, address) and we use it to help you find the audiences you want to reach.

You can use a Google Sheet document as the source of a customer list. To get the best match rates, use as many identifiers as possible while following our formatting guidelines. For example, first name would appear as fn as a column header in your list. Each identifier should correspond to one column only.

We’ve also created a handy Google Sheet template. Feel free to copy it and use it as a basis for your own spreadsheet.

Next steps

  1. Go to "Launch" section -> Bulk Creation -> Audiences:

  2. Select "Custom audiences":

  3. Click on the 'Create custom audience' button

  4. Select the Customer list as the source for your custom audience

  5. Click on the 'Connect' button next to the Google Sheet tile

  6. Paste a public share link in the "document" field and select the sheet you want to work with

  7. After you click on the 'Continue' button the identifiers are mapped automatically. But you can always set the identifier manually by selecting the one you need from the drop-down list. Make sure each identifier type is set only once.

6. Once your list has been added and is ready for use, click 'Connect' and 'Create' button.


Sync option is enabled by default - if enabled the custom audience will be updated automatically if new customers' data is added to Google Sheet.

When we've finished hashing your customer list information, your audience is ready to use - you will see its availability status in the list of audiences in Revealbot and on Facebook.

Once ready, you can immediately create an ad to reach your new custom audience, or create a lookalike audience to find new people who share similar behaviours and interests with your existing customers.

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